time for an new update. :)

for a name, we settled on Ruby. shes about 6-7 weeks now.

the breeder has been kind enough to start crate training so that it will be easier for her to transition when she comes home. her estimated date of arrival is September 18th! thats a LARGE crate. i get the feeling shes going to be a big girl! shes 13 pounds already...

crates are tasty!


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ill be cross-posting this a couple places, so if you see it more than once, i apologize. <3
by xdark_secretsx [blue eyes]


I took this video shortly before I left for vacation. They both have an odd fascination with bugs, and eating them.

Warning: About halfway through I utter one curse word.

I should try and get some other videos of them playing frisbee, and tug of war. Those are hilarious. :p
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Hi there...

I've been lurking for a while and decided that I should probably say hi. And what better way to say hi than with pictures of a boxer?

This is our baby, Freya. She's now three years old.

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Apparently I haven't loaded recent pics of her to photobucket. I'll do that this evening when I get home from work. :)

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4 week old wrinklepup <3

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isnt she just a squish? XD she makes the funniest faces! i think shes going to end up with a LOOOOONG neck. i still think shes just gorgeous. :)
just 4 more weeks until she can come home. we are so excited! so far, the name we like best is Lyra. but Vega, and Cassi (short for Cassiopeia) are also possibilities. yes, i like astronomy :P

im probably making you guys crazy with all my updates, sorry!

Drunk Boxers.... now with pictures!

A few weeks ago i think i posted here about my dog Ronan getting into some chemicals, and the vet prescribing shots of alcohol as an antidote. 

I was just getting around to clearing some pictures off my camera today, and found pictures of my dogs that i took while they were a little bit "tippy". 

Just in case anyone was wondering what a drunk boxer looks like.....

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