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boxer_world's Journal

I love Boxers
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Boxers are the best, I'll argue that with any
Regal and expensive they're sure worth every penny

Only a face that us moms & dads can love
Wrinkley and slobbery, they're just a step above

No other dog comes close to them in their perfection
Dare I say I love my Boxers without any reservation?

Often people are frightened by their power and might
Great protectors they are, but there's no need for fright

Sweet and gentle when trained well right from the start
Forget all your fears, these dogs are all heart

Oh they're filled with life and lots more pep than most
Ready for anything, as we Boxer lovers boast

Ever the clown, yet so stoic and tough
Very few owners can praise them enough

Every Boxer owner says no other breed will do
Regal, fun and loving with a heart that's ever true